Mr Lobsterman’s Presentation at Bridgwater Arts Centre (19/11/2016)

For anyone who wishes to get to know more about lobster shell sculpting and lobsters in general, I will offer a wide range of lobstertainment, including the following:

Lobsters around the world

I will introduce the lobster species I already know, there will be numerous background stories especially about my adventures in Vietnam. Other than the usual things you expect from a powerpoint presentation, here you can have several kinds of crustacean shells in your own hands to take a closer look.

Lobsters in the kitchen

In this shorter section I will talk about the way how lobsters should be cooked in my opinion. No lobster would actually be cooked for now, but obviously I do plan to include lobster cooking in my later presentations if I will be able to do so.

The magic lobster claw

The claw of a lobster is pretty much unique even between crustaceans. After some basic info about lobster claws, I will draw them on a flip chart using both of my hands at a time plus being blindfolded to show how deeply I have the image of a lobster claw in my mind.

Live demonstration of lobster shell sculpting

I will use a camera and a projector to let everyone see what I will be doing with lobster shells. To make this approximately 15 minutes session more interactive, the first person finds out what I exactly will be going to make, gets a prize.

Saturday 19th November 2016, 12:30 to 13:20
Bridgwater Arts Centre, 11-13 Castle street
Entrance fee: £1