This is the first website dedicated to crustacean sculptures.

I love the taste of lobsters, but I love their appereance even more. Having their skeleton on the outside is the coolest thing I can imagine! Because I want other people to see the beauty of lobsters the same way as I see, at some point I decided to make sculptures out of their shells.

My first sculptures were simple figurines and I only used standard sized lobster shells. Now I use three species of lobsters (American, European and ornate lobsters) in different sizes, plus many crabs as well.

The main session of my sculptures are Star Wars based ones, though I want sophisticated buildings of Lobster Village to be the star of the show in the near future. The third session is Lobster monsters, which are non-Star Wars based figurines.

I am writing a blog post at least twice a month about my sculptures, trips, exhibitions, or anything else I wish to tell about lobsters.

With a lobster (678x800)

Enjoy your visit in my website, and don’t forget to join lobsterism!

Florian Kovacs